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Jul 15, 2020

This week on RX’D Radio, Jordan Shallow sits down with Lachy Rowston and Raph Freedman of The Mind Muscle Project. Started in October 2014, their podcast platform is focused on education, quality conversation and sharing truth within the fitness and nutrition industry. Lachy and Raph are also co-owners of Creature Fitness Gyms in the Bondi and Edgecliff areas of Australia.


Today’s discussion centers about the importance of interpersonal relationships within business. Choosing to open their first gym location during a time when the crossfit industry was dying, Raph and Lachy walk us through the challenges they faced and the principles that they have turned to in order to make their business a success. They emphasize the importance of choosing partners wisely, how to navigate their own business relationship with honesty, and they discuss a healthy approach to resolve conflict. The group talks ethics and long-game decisions versus short-term gains, and how Raph and Lachy have strategically used the leverage they have gained to grow their business for the long haul. Listen in for a tale of confrontation from the early days of Jordan and Jordan, as well as a very clear outline of three core principles to build a successful business with longevity.


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