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Jun 24, 2020

This week Jordan Shallow welcomes fellow Canadian meathead Stu Locke to RX’D Radio. Stu has been a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness for many years, and utilizes a highly effective but simple approach to training. Stu has been an advisor to Shallow, and his perspective to training and coaching is one that Shallow trusts and frequently calls upon. Stu owns Kodiak Barbell in Ottawa.     

Stu and Shallow discuss the major training strategies, cues and corrective work that Stu uses to address form breakdown in the squat. The conversation then takes a turn towards the subjects of the business of coaching, and life outside of the gym. They discuss the value of education versus experience, and evaluate the differences between the methods of training for conventional sports and competitive powerlifting. Stu believes in being in the business of people; he understands the devotion that it requires to reach the podium, and he promotes living a life that encompasses more than just the barbell.


Stu’s Media:

Kodiak Barbell: @kodiak_barbell




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