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Jun 3, 2020

Powerlifter and aspiring chiropractor, Seth Albersworth joins Jordan Shallow this week on RX’D Radio. Originally from north of Calgary, Canada, Seth is currently studying in a chiropractic college in Florida and lifting out of Perfect Storm Hardcore Training Gym. Seth is a highly competitive Multi-Ply Powerlifter with a long list of incredible achievements behind his name.


Seth and Shallow talk about Seth’s transition into powerlifting while recovering from a shoulder injury, his journey from Raw to Single to Multi-Ply lifting, and his impressive feats of strength including a 700 lb squat he performed at the age of nineteen. The two discuss how their clinical knowledge impacts their approach to both lifting and training, the differences between classroom theory and practical application of those theories, and the hurdles of transitioning from in-person to on-line coaching. Seth highlights the steep learning curve he experienced in creating valuable and high quality online content. Turn up the volume for an education on the proper performance of a box squat, a Canadian’s perspective on (bizarre) living in Florida, and a consummate discourse pertaining to fake people on the interwebs.



Seth’s Media:


Personal Instagram: @seth.albersworth

Professional Instagram: @activated.performance

Youtube: Seth Albersworth

Podcast: Activated Performance Radio



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