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May 27, 2020

This week RX’d Radio welcomes one of the world's top MMA Trainers, Phil Daru. Phil has been a strength coach to top-level athletes for over 10 years. He has trained world-renowned celebrities, NFL players, World Champion Boxers and Olympic athletes. As a UFC fighter, boxer, and powerlifter, Phil’s training philosophies and methodologies are rooted in his deep, physical and intellectual understanding of both the sports and the athletes who train in them.


Shallow and Phil discuss selling baseball cards, career growth, and the exciting experience of former idols becoming friends and colleagues. The conversation dives into Phil’s history in football, why he made the transition into fighting, and how he grew his fighting career into the business he owns today. Phil discusses some of the challenges that he faces coaching high-level athletes and provides insightful advice to up-and-coming strength coaches. His commitment to relationships in sport, in business and with clients, and his unbeatable ability to hustle, are highlighted as the keys to his success in both his career and in his family life.


Phil’s Media:


Instagram: @darustrong



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