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May 20, 2020

The boss men, Jordan Shallow and Jordan Jiunta are reunited to discuss the release of RX’D Programming. This episode gets into the heart and soul of Pre-Script.

RX’D Programming is the reason that The Jordans started this business in the first place. They dive into the principles of an appropriate and intentional warm-up routine, and the purpose that it serves to prime you for your day’s training, whatever that training may be!

Based on the principles that founded Pre-Script, RX’D Programming is intentionally designed to address the mobility and stability of the hip, shoulder and spine: Mobility-Stability-Strength™.

Range of motion helps to address stability, and with functional stability of the joint comes an increase in force output under load.

Without mobility and stability, THERE IS NO STRENGTH.

The Pre-Script team is very proud to get to talk about this with you in today’s RX’D Radio, and we’re very excited to hear what you have to say about it.


Of course, you can expect the usual banter, shade-throwing, and some occasional side-eye from the duo this week, too.


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