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Sep 23, 2020

The docs return this week to attack the topic of adaptation versus optimization, how these concepts vary with training age as well as the very critical role a coach plays in the success of an athlete. But first, the boys reminisce over some of their favorite past RX’D Radio episodes, and reflect on how the podcast has grown and evolved.

As we stroll into the current episode, Jiunta discusses his considerations when writing a program for a new client. He emphasizes the importance of the first step -- determining the level and needs of that individual. The Jordans breakdown adaptation versus optimization, and when each is appropriate to program. The “systems” way of thinking about programming is criticized in favor of what Shallow identifies as an “indexing” method to identify the athlete’s needs and address them, efficiently. The boys connect over their frustrations towards coaches taking too much credit for their athlete’s success, as some coaches seem to forget that they are nothing without their client’s work and dedication. It is a coach’s job to understand the client and provide guidance by driving sufficient challenges that can produce the desired adaptations. At the end of the day, a coach’s career is made by the hard work of the athlete - so, know your role and play it, well.

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