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May 27, 2019

This episode of RX'D RADIO is brought to you by
Pre-Script offers to most unique exercise programming available. Each workout comes with guided warm-ups to progress mobility and stability to build towards the ultimate goal of building strength. Whether it Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting or Hypertrophy training, Pre-Script has a program for you.

In this episode of RX'D RADIO, Shallow sits down with Stanford Strength and Conditioning Coach, Cory Schlesinger. Cory is a true innovator in the current space, with a simple yet sophisticated approach to sports performance. Specializing in Men's Basketball Corys approach to training is sparking creativity in an otherwise stagnated field by bringing forth new concepts and reintroducing timeless methods.

On top of being a world class coach, Cory is one of the best people in the industry. Always taking the time to mentor and advise upcoming coaches. An amazing story of what it takes from the most passionate dude in the game.

To follow along with Cory be sure to follow him on Instagram @schlesstrength